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Seashore Design offers an array of professional graphic design services, tailored to your specific vision.

  • Logo design
  • CG graphics (think Pixar)
  • CG animation
  • Advertising media
  • Editorial Photography
  • Photomanipulation
  • Photorestoration
  • Vector graphics

Check out our video animations to see what's possible.

Examples of our work

Walking pomeranian animation Compass rose variations Compass rose logo variations 3D model of hill and ocean
3D model plasmid 3D DNA model wireframe 3D model of DNA 3D model of dinosaur eggs
3D model of eggs 3D model of an eye Light painting Bubble photomanipulation
Church banner Elements banner Elements image Maine equal animation


2D Logo Design

3D Logo Design

Basic CG Animation

Complex CG Animation





You are welcome to tell us exactly what you want, or we can offer our own ideas based on the purpose of your design needs.

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